Meet Crystal-Anne

Crystal-Anne Chijindu specializes in commercial and editorial photography, augmenting this work with her qualifications as a graphic designer. She commenced her photography training at the New York Film Academy and then earned her Master’s degree in Photography from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts. 

Born in Zambia, southern Africa, Crystal identifies as a multicultural African, having grown up in three countries. Her photography reflects her passion for storytelling, people, food, and culture. Subjects she covers in her worldwide travels and explores through fine-art work incorporating a bold, minimal yet elegant approach to her imagery.

Exibitions + Awards

BBA One Shot Awards (Longlist), BBA Gallery, Berlin, 2024

Childhood, Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont,  2019

Lady Macbeth: Story and Spirit, Anina Art Events,  New York, NY, 2019

Solitude, Solo Show, Blackkat Leather, Chester, Connecticut, 2019

Re:Shift Exhibition, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY,  2018

Fictional Narrative, Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont, 2018

Altar: Prayers, Rituals, Offerings, Photoville | MFON, New York, NY,  2018

Daytripping Procedures, School of Visual Arts Flatiron Gallery, New York, NY,  2018

Student Thesis Exhibition, New York Film Academy, New York, NY, 2017

Director’s Award (Fictional Narrative) Photo Place Gallery, Vermont, USA

Paula Rhodes Memorial Award, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA


Amplify NYC Fellowship, Akoma Media, New York, USA, 2019

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